Saturday, September 4, 2010

Number one Bridal Bunder… Opting Out of a Day-of Coordinator at a DIY Wedding.

You and your loved ones planned and prepared for this single day for months. Appointments with florists, the cake shop, caterers, DJs and photographers. Hours spent grazing The Knot for ideas and inspiration. Multiple trips to find and fit the gown. The hair, the shoes, the makeup, favors, escort cards, programs, vows, rings, songs!! Don’t even get me started on the rentals, floor plans, and timelines…

Eventually the details start piling up… and then the pile grows and you can’t find the top.

On your day someone has to be there to have all the answers. To place out all of your beautifully hand-crafted details, to monitor and coordinate every last step and hiccup of your most special day. Otherwise all your work and all the decision-making will be lost in the chaos of an otherwise seamless day.

Do you want your mom, your best friend or yourself to be in charge of deciding at the last second whether or not to rearrange the timeline because pictures ran longer than expected? Be responsible for checking in with all vendors, the timing of food service and ordering, communicating with the servers, keeping an eye out for when the bar reaches its cap, making sure the MC knows announces the right dances at the right times and ensuring guests are happy?

You want to enjoy your day, the entire day. And you want your family and friends to enjoy the day too. I cannot recommend highly enough, the value of having an experienced professional coordinate your details - to plan for the unexpected. To spot hazards and answer questions a million times so you only have to answer it once. That should not be you on your wedding day. Period.

Photos courtesy of Susánica Tam