Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flowers of the Seasons

Long ago bridal bouquets were carried down aisles as a shield for brides against evil spirits. Garland, made up of potent species and herbs, would be worn as this protection. Today bridal bouquets are an expression of the couple. Each one designed to fit the theme and style of their wedding.
When deciding to go with a seasonally inspired wedding or event of any kind, your floral arrangements & bouquets must embody that time of year. While you can catch many flowers blooming at multiple times of the year, there’s something about specific ones that can sing a certain season.
Southern California is rich with floral offerings for weddings of all seasons. Springtime at its peak brings lush delicate blossoms such as ranunculus, irises, calla lilies, tulips, anemones, peonies, lilac, sweet peas and flowering branches.

Summer yields bright dahlias, snapdragons, vivid sunflowers, vibrant cockscomb, amaranthus, soft Sweet William, bells of Ireland, celosia and delicate flowers as Queen Anne’s lace and Veronica.

As summer comes to a close, fall brings hearty, interesting seed pods, berries,rosehip, antique hydrangeas, dusky colored mums, soft dahlias and orchids.

Winter in our area is mild most years and blossoms as lilies, orchids, roses, lisianthus and dahlias are usually available.

Several blossoms cross all seasons – available to be featured no matter your time of year. Many shades of roses, stock, lisianthus, freesia, hydrangea and gerberas are gorgeous year round locally. The fall and winter can be supplemented with imported flower varieties – most arrive from New Zealand, Holland and South America from their spring/summer crops. Importing increases options, but also increases cost and resources. Locally grown is often preferable for optimum freshness and availability.

Special thanks to Jessa, Associate Designer, of Grass Roots Florist, Santa Barbara for all photos and floral factoids. For more information about having Grass Roots design your next event visit them @ www.grassrootssantabarbara.com or by phone 805.682.9105

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